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Transport planning

The promotion of active mobility and related sustainable transport solutions are vital tools in combatting climate change and are a key focus for us at Rappor. Through our transport assessment work, we harness the very latest insight and design methodologies to achieve evidenced proposals that balance meeting our client’s interests and regulatory demands, while also serving the best interests of the local community, the environment and the wider world.

Consulting throughout the UK and working with both public and private sector clients, we are specialists in all aspects of transport planning, as well as being astute negotiators with local planning and highway authorities.

In a consultative process like transport planning, our experience, our expertise and our understanding of your requirements make the difference between simply contributing to the process and genuinely helping to drive it forward.

Our service is very much tailored and personalised, but summarised here are our core highways and transportation services.


  • Access appraisal and design supporting developer due diligence
  • Transport assessment and transport statements to support planning applications and local plan representations
  • Transport studies to support local plan submissions, masterplanning and town centre regeneration
  • Accessibility modelling (using the latest TRACC software)
  • Transport mobility studies including non-motorised user audits (NMUAs), and walking, cycling and horse riding assessments (WCHARs)
  • Construction traffic management plans (CTMPs)
  • Delivery and servicing management plans (DSMPs)
  • Environmental traffic impact assessments
  • Junction capacity modelling using the latest software packages
  • A multi-disciplinary approach to supporting the development of masterplans, including streetscape and traffic management
  • Planning appeals (production of evidence to expert witness services)
  • Road safety audits, stages 1-4
  • Travel plans (planning, implementation and monitoring)
  • Travel plan coordination (TPC) services
  • Smarter travel initiatives (including personal travel planning)

Road safety audit

Rappor has an in-house team of road safety auditors, all of whom meet or exceed the minimum standards of experience and training required by GG 119 to undertake the role of audit team leader or member. Members of the team also hold membership of the Society of Road Safety Auditors. And we have team members who hold a Certificate of Competency in Road Safety Audit (RSA), which is a prerequisite to be considered for approval as part of an RSA team working on the strategic road network (SRN).

The national highway authorities that are responsible for the SRN will require RSAs to be undertaken on all schemes that affect their road network and most LHAs will take the same approach. So, if you are undertaking a development project, it is highly likely that you will be required to provide RSAs as part of the planning and technical approval processes. Rappor is able to undertake these RSAs as an independent road safety auditor (in most cases we are able to carry out RSAs on schemes we are designing as the audit team can be kept independent of the design process). We can also advise developers on the RSA process and the responsibilities of their designer. Our experience in road safety auditing also assists our preliminary and detailed design work as road safety is always a paramount consideration in the work we undertake.


  • Stage 1 road safety audit – completion of preliminary design
  • Stage 2 road safety audit – completion of detailed design
  • Stage 3 road safety audit – completion of construction
  • Stage 4 road safety audit – post-opening monitoring
  • Road safety assessment – undertaking a comparative assessment of the safety of different scheme options